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Relieve your pain.
Recover from injury.

Personalised Physiotherapy Services in world class facilities, at times convenient for you.

Evening and Weekend Sessions Available.


Do you want to:

- Reduce Pain.

- Recover From Injury.

- Return to The Things You Love.

Rated 5 Stars on Google

Can We Help You? 

Are you in pain?

Do you have an injury?

Do you want to return to sport?

Do you need to speed up your recovery?

Do you want to improve your function and performance?


If you answered "Yes" to any of these, Healey Health is here for you. 

Our expert clinicians are here to provide a friendly, supportive hand, delivering the highest quality health services to everyone who walks through our door. 

Healey Health Physiotherapy Clinic In Nottingham
Healey Health Physiotherapy Clinic Treatment Room

What Do We Do?

Our services:

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. 

Manual Therapy Treatments.

Online Consultation. 

Sports Massage.

What you'll get from your session:

You will always leave our sessions knowing:

Diagnosis, we'll help you understand what is going on.

How long it might take to get better.

What you need to do to recover.

How Do We Help? 

We've helped thousands to:

Physical Therapist

Reduce pain

Our Physiotherapists and wider team offer advice, treatment and guidance scientifically proven to reduce pain.  


Recover faster

Our team can help you to recover faster. Whether this is from pain, injuries or post-competition. 

Happy Tennis Players

Perform better

We can help you to build strength, endurance, and load tolerance to improve your day to day and competitive function. 

Why Healey Health? 

Annual Check-up

Vast experience

Our team have helped 1000's of people of all ages and abilities to reach their goals. Pain, function, recovery - we've helped them all. 

Senior Therapy

Personal service

Your choice of therapist, whenever is best for you. No more frustrating wait lists or new professional on each visit - we understand the importance of continuity. 

Playful and Fitness

Unrivalled facilities

We are based at the word renowned Nottingham Tennis Centre. Our clinic has a luxury feel. We use a state of the art gym and have access to a world class studio and classroom where all of our online courses are filmed. 


I took my boys (U13 and U15) to see Ben. Really impressed with the thoroughness and professionalism he showed, offering diagnosis and solutions to their individual requirements.


Ben, you are amazing!!! Thank you for all your help and advice, it has kept me sane and more importantly happy. 

I wish you all the best, forever in your debt. 

Guy H

After my second knee surgery (torn meniscus) I struggled getting back to doing my usual day to day activities. Ben took the time to understand what I wanted to achieve and helped me get there with a structured rehab program! His explanation behind each part of the program really made a difference for me! Can’t recommend him enough!

Anthony B

Thank you so much for your miracles. It surpassed my expectations! All the best. 

Amandeep D

Huge thank you for all your support in helping me get back to work. Through the exercises, education and lots of encouragement, you have really helped me to feel considerably better.  

I feel lucky to have benefitted from your physio support.


The way you interact with patients is really amazing. You have helped me to feel so much more confident - I really value that. 

What Our Clients Say:

Conditions We Treat

Physical Therapist

Lower Back Pain

Physical Therapy Session

Pre and Post Operative

Neck and Chin

Neck Pain


Knee and Ankle Pain

Senior Therapy

Shoulder Pain

Practicing Yoga

Chronic Pain

Sports Injury

Sports & Repetitive Strain Injuries



Leg Injury

Hip Pain

Healey Health Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, gym floor space.

The Healey Health Experience

Our promise to you:

- Continuity.

- Personalised support.

- Honesty and integrity. 

- The highest quality care.

- Luxury environment & elite facilities. 

- Fully qualified, insured and registered clinicians.

- Convenient appointments - evenings and weekends.

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