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Single Physiotherapy & Treatment Session

60 Minute Physiotherapy consultation to assess and treat your current condition.


Performing a physiotherapy physical assessment to a shoulder

What's included?

1 x Initial Physiotherapy Assessment and Treatment:

A  60 minute session to conduct a full assessment, diagnosis, initial treatment and management. 

Getting to the root of your current concern and providing you with a detailed, bespoke recovery programme, tailored to your specific needs. 


- Understand your injury with a clearly communicated diagnosis.

- Recover faster with a personalised recovery plan.

- Improved function and mobility.

- Instant pain relief.

- Long-term results.

- Return to full fitness.

- Reduce reinjury. 

Why a single session?

You might not be in need of a package of sessions. You may be looking for an assessment to understand your condition, or you are just looking for a single preventative or top up session. 

If that's the case a single session might be for you. 

Might you need more than 1 session?

Our recovery package combines an initial consultation and 3x 90 minute follow up treatment sessions into one bundle, providing the best, longer lasting results, faster.

Book a package and receive a package discount plus priority booking. 

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