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Gold Standard Physio Package

4 x 60 minute Physiotherapy, Sports Massage & Manual Therapy Sessions for ongoing pain relief and treatment. 


Performing a lower back mobilisation for pain relief and stiffness

To achieve the best results, you’ll likely need more than one session.

Lasting effects will come from consistency, dedication and accountability. All of which we can provide.


Your 4 sessions will be booked at your chosen times and days over a 4-6 week period. This package delivers incredible results, helping you to overcome pain and injury, return to your sport and feel like yourself again. 

What's included?

4 x 60 minute sessions to include:

- Comprehensive Assessment.

- Clear and Concise Diagnosis.

- Treatment (Sports Massage, Stretching, Joint Mobilisation, Manipulation).

- Specifical, Tailored Exercises.

- Personalised Rehab Programme.

- Instant Pain Relief & Long Term Benefits.

Helping you to understand your situation, causes and treatments, Providing instant relief to loosen stiff joints, reduce muscle tension and ease ache and pains. 

These sessions will leave you feeling instantly better, with 100% personalised plans to help you achieve your goals, feel younger and back to your activities faster. 


- Relieve aches and pains.

- Reduce tightness and stiffness.

- Improved function and mobility.

- Reduced risk of future injury.

- Enhanced recovery.

- Feel younger.

Why a package?

Improving your health and getting your body back to 100% takes consistency, it is not a one time effort.

Through my experience, the best outcomes and longest lasting results come from those who see me for an average of 4+ sessions over a period of 4-6 weeks. Allowing time for comprehensive assessments, high quality treatment and a good frequency of sessions to quickly overcome your pain and discomfort.

Book a package and receive:

- Priority booking. 

- Optimal results.

- 15% Package discount.

- Continuity and consistency.

- Ongoing guidance and accountability.

- Convenient booking: Book your first session today and book the rest later.

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