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Our Services

I have 3 booking options available to you. 

- Single Session

- Gold Standard Package

- Same-Day Emergency Call Out


Each with different features and benefits. Click the button on the service you are interested in to find out more.


Limited Availability

Single 60 Minute Session

A single 60 minute session for those who may only require sporadic sessions.


This session can be used for diagnosis, sports massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation to treat stiff and painful areas as a one off.

If you only require occasional support, this is the service for you. 


Most Popular

Gold Standard Package

4x 60 minute sessions. 

Delivered over 4-6 weeks.

Providing support, treatment and guidance over a longer period, helping you to feel your best.


Continuity and dedication brought by these sessions leads to more effective and longer lasting results.

Emergency Same-Day Call Out

If you are looking for a same day diagnosis or instant pain relief, you can book me on a same day call out, where I will be with you as soon as possible. 

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