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Ben Healey

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist.

BBBofC Licensed Cutman.



Rated 5 stars on Google

Elite Sport

In my career I've worked with a range of sports, individuals and teams at the very highest level. 


The majority of my work in sport currently is with Boxers and Tennis Players. This is where my expertise is. 

Boxing & Combat Sports Physio

In addition to my Physio services, I am a Licensed BBBofC Second, providing cutman services to boxers. I've travelled the country to shows to help support my clients, providing both fight-night and post-fight recovery sessions. 

I am also an experienced hand wrapper and can provide both of these services on a fight night. 

Physio services for boxers include:

- Training camp retainer

- Physical assessments

- Post fight recovery 

- Injury rehab

- Cutman

- Hand wrapping

I've been working in amateur and professional boxing and MMA for two years, building experience, gaining my licenses and growing my client base, supporting my clients across the country at events of all sizes.


If you require any of the Physio or Cutman services feel free to get in touch below. 

Tennis Physio

Being situated in Wimbledon currently, and with my time running the Private clinic at Nottingham Tennis Centre I've worked with a range of pro tennis players privately and as tournament Physio across a range of tournaments. 


The role includes:

- Pre match warm ups

- Strapping and Taping

- Cool downs

- Treatment between matches (Massage / manual therapy)

- Emergency assessments of any injuries sustained during competition.  

If you are a Tennis Player needing a Physio, I can provide travel-with-you services, or work ad-hoc as your Physiotherapist at Wimbledon in tournaments.

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